UX & JMeter 4.0


UX is a high priority task for Apache JMeter. We’ve seen many improvements after each version. Just a few day ago on February 11th, 2018 JMeter released version 4.0!

When you open JMeter 4.0, the first impression is that it looks different, by default “Darcula”. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, you can change it.

What’s new for UX improvements?

  • Workbench has been dropped from UI, you can now use Non Test Elements as immediate children of Test Plan.

  • UX menu has been improved to make the most used elements available more rapidly.

  • HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder now allows you to name your transactions while recording in a more human readable way.

There are many more changes according to the official page of Apache JMeter.

  • JMeter now supports JAVA 9.


  • New
  1. Boundary Extractor
  2. JSON Assertion
  3. Precise Throughput Timer
  4. JMS Point-to-Point (read, browse, clear options)
  5. “If Controller” now uses by default Expression
  6. JSR223 Test Element (cache compiled script by default if available)


For more info, you can visit the official page: Apache JMeter

Keep going Apache JMeter!

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